These are older links that used to be in the box on the front page.

Restore Yellowed Plastic — Make your antique computer look like new.

Periodic Table of Videos — A video about each element.

CD Recycling Center — Act locally.

Secret Printer Codes — Your printer may be a tattletale.

Nonpareil — An emulator program for many HP RPN calculators.

Centrifuge — Applied physics.

On-line engineering calculators

Chicken Chicken — Best technical Powerpoint presentation ever.

Fusor — Build a fusion reactor in your basement.

Sky-Map — An interactive sky map that works like Google Maps.

Compact Fluorescent Lamps — Comments on good and bad brands.

Falkirk Wheel — Rotating boat lift. That top picture looks like a matte painting from a Doctor Who episode.

The Integrator — Solve integrals online.